Our Academic Advisors

Russian Archives Online is proud and honored to have the following distinguished individuals on board as our academic advisors:

American Advisors

William (Bill) Chase
Associate Professor
History-Russia Department
University of Pittsburgh

Bob Edelman
Professor, History-Sports
Department of History
University of California, San Diego

Clifford Gaddy
Research Associate Foreign Studies
The Brookings Institution

Mary Habeck
Assistant Professor, History Department
Yale University

Alexander Rabinowitch
Professor, Department of History
Indiana University

Blair Ruble
Director, Woodrow Wilson Center
Kennan Institute

Lewis Siegelbaum
Professor, Department of History
Michigan State University

William (Bill) Todd, III
Professor of Comparative Literature
Department of Slavic Languages and Literature
Harvard University

Mark Von Hagen
Director and Associate Professor of History
The Harriman Institute

Steve Yates
Curator, Photography
Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Dr. Judith L. Klavans
Center for Research on Information Access
Columbia University

Patricia K. Grimsted
Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute

Russian Advisors

Manana Aslamazyan
General Director
Internews Russia

Valeri Demiankov
Professor of Slavic and West-European Philology at the Moscow Pedagogic University
MGU NIVCDirector of the Laboratory of Automatic Lexigraphic Systems of the Research Computing Center of Moscow State University
Chief Research Fellow of the Linguistics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Yuri E. Hohlov
Chairman of the Board
Institute of the Information Society - Russia

Leonid A. Kalinichenko
Chief of Department
Institute of Informatics Problems RAS

Dr. Igor N. Kiselev
Chief of the Department of Science Research and Information Technology
Federal Archival Service of Russia

Alexander Tikhonravov
Director, Research Computing Center of the Moscow State University