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There are photo documents defining the state of industry, transport, municipal services, trade, education, mode of life (very picturesque landscapes of different regions of Russia), sports, literature and arts, (portraits of famous people such as L.Tolstoy, L.Andreev, F.Shaliapin) excellent gallery of portraits of theater and ballet actors, expeditions and many other events of Russian history of late XIX-early XX century.

There many different photo documents made during the World War I on the Eastern European (Russian) and Caucasus theaters of war (authors Dobruinin, Miroshnicov, Kozlov, Galitsin, Iliin, Nolken, Shirokov, etc.)

Photo portraits of Army commanders, army group commanders, army corps commanders, division and regiment commanders (portraits, group portraits, portraits on front lines, etc.), portraits of the most distinguished officers and noncommissioned officers.

There are a lot of significant photos showing the General Headquarters in the towns of Baranovichi and Mogilev - the Tsar and commanders, different military reviews and new military equipment - flame-throwers, mechanized artillery, etc., views of Mogilev town.

Nicholas II and his son tsarevich Alexey visiting battlefronts. Reviews and parades on fronts. Battles, attacks, retreats, firing positions, fortifying, construction of defenses (entrenchment, wire entanglements, bridges, river crossings). Soldiers in entrenchment, scenes from military life, public worships on fronts, portraits of soldiers and officers (group photos).

Members of the imperial family visiting hospitals, injured men, collection of donations.

There is a large variety of photos showing new kinds of armament - different tanks, mortars, observation balloons, antiaircraft guns, airplanes, balloons with fighting gas.

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