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Most of the pictures show the Northwestern (1914-1916) and Southwestern (1914-1916) fronts - military operations of the 1st Russian Army in Eastern Prussia, captured material, captives, injured Russian soldiers. March battles in Jakobshtadt's forests (1916), military operations of the 4th Russian Army (1914-1916) and 8th & 9th Armies (1914-1916) against Austria-Hungarian troops. Such as: an album showing the military-marching life of the troops of the 9th Russian Army (100 photos), and an album showing the military-marching life of the 64th infantry regiment of Kazan in Eastern Prussia (1914-1915). Many photos illustrate the capture of Peremushl by Russians in 1915, Brusilovs breach in 1916 and the capture of Arzerum in Turkey.

There are very curious pictures of propaganda posters (Russian and English) and caricatures.

The Archive keeps many photos of the war at the Western, Salonikskiy fronts: among them, photos of Russian troops in France. Some of these albums include: Frenchmen at the Western front, French troops in Italy; Montenegrins fighting against Austria. There are also pictures of Rumanian, American, Italian, Turkish, German, Belgium, Austria-Hungarian and Indian troops.

Photos of captives represent almost all countries' participants: captive Scots, Germans, Austria-Hungarians, Croats, Serbs, Frenchmen, Moroccans, returned Russians, and Belgian, Ukrainian and Armenian refugees.

In the Archive's reserves there are photos of events of the Russian Revolutions of 1905 and 1917 (barricades on the streets of Moscow, policemen arrested by the residents, meetings and demonstrations, funerals of the victims, portraits of political leaders of different parties, etc.), events of the Civil War of 1918-1921 (more than 4000 photos): parades of the Red Army, various battles, and portraits of those who fought. These pictures show a region which extends from the Ukraine on the West to Middle Asia and the Far East.

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