Current Projects

Psychology Project

Project Director Viatcheslav V. Loutchkov is exploring ways in which Russian and American psychologists can make contributions to social healing in Russia. The Project is based on the assumption that Russian psychologists must borrow from the professional experiences and expertise of their western counterparts if they are to establish an effective system of social support.

Mr. Loutchkov and four leading Russian psychologists founded a program, entitled "Assistance to Psychology in Russia." The Program will establish publishing and database systems for psychologists in Russia, organize conferences between Russian and American psychologists, organize study abroad programs for Russian students, and provide support for innovative psychological research.

TRACs Moscow-based staff is now compiling a comprehensive Russian-English/English-Russian encyclopedic dictionary of psychological terms and a series of psychological reviews written by leading Russian psychologists.

Another project is carried out in association with the University of California's Center for Slavic and East European Studies and the City of Berkeley's Community Mental Health Department. TRAC has arranged for a Russian psychologist to come to Berkeley to study and work within the local mental health system, focusing on the administrative, legal, economic, and political aspects involved in the provision of social services. Upon his return, the Russian psychologist will work with the Russian Ministry for Social Protection on the development of a community mental health system in Moscow.

Seventy-seven boxes of American psychological books and journals, donated to TRAC by a variety of sources, were sent to Moscow in January, 1996. The books will be kept in the psychology library at Moscow State University and in other locations around Russia.

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