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Sport Project

Since sport is of continuing interest and importance in both the United States and Russia, we see it as an excellent arena for Russian-American ventures. A Coaching Education Symposium was held at the University of Pacific in November, 1990. The symposium addressed the following themes: a comparative study of Soviet and American sports institutions and coaching education models, ways of preventing the use of performance-enhancing drugs, and maintaining academic standards among athletes. In May of 1993, a symposium entitled "Toward the Further Reaches of Sport Psychology" was held at Stanford University. Prominent Russian and American sport psychologists, coaches, and athletes examined the manifestations of extraordinary bodily functions within the context of sport psychology. TRAC is currently editing the transcriptions of these meetings for eventual publication. Our history of work in the area of sport continues to expand through the work sponsored by The Sunshine Fund and Moriarty Charities.

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