Krasnogorsk RGAKFD Film Catalogue

The Krasnogorsk Catalogue is an immense and ongoing work in progress. Under the direction of AMP, a time-consuming process of entering film records and descriptions is under way at the Russian State Film & Photo Archive in Krasnogorsk. The materials in this database are just a portion of over 215,000 reels of film available.

RAO's Krasnogorsk English Language Film Catalogue
provides a sample database of 5,000 English-language film records, available for immediate searching.
Please note that this catalogue represents but a small selection from the tens of thousands of reels of film stored at the archive.

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RAO's Krasnogorsk Russian Language Film Catalogue provides over 42,000 Russian-language film records for immediate searching with additional entries added monthly.

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Russian State Archive for Scientific-Technical Documentation - RGANTD

The RGANTD Russian Language Film Catalogue from the RGANTD includes descriptions of films about space andtechnology. 3,500 Russian-language film records are available for immediate searching.

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The RGANTD Russian Language Photo Catalogue includes the descriptions of photos about space and images. There are 3,000 photographs available for viewing. High resololution scans are available for production.

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This searchable catalogue of photographs is a small sample of archival images available from the Russian State Documentary Film & Photo Archive Krasnogorsk and the Russian State Archive of Scientific & Technical Documents.

To greatly inform and aid your research, please utilize the meticulous Narrative Index, researched and written by the Krasnogorsk staff.

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The photos in this catalogue are under state storage at the Russian State Film and Photo Archive at Krasnogorsk and the Russian State Archive of Scientific and Technical Documents. The sources of these photographs are as follows: the TASS Photo Chronicle, the USSR Press Agency Novosti, space industry enterprises and organizations, photo correspondents' personal archives, and the Archive's own stills.

Catalogue database software developed by KIKOM for Archive Media Project.